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Welcome to the June 2020 issue of Climacteric. I hope this issue will provide you with much stimulating reading during this time of shut down and social distancing. Read more

Menopause Live IMS UPDATES

Metabolic Syndrome (MS) and cognitive decline in women at midlife.
Rasa Kazlauskaite et al. conducted a 17-years prospective, longitudinal study with the participation of 2,149 women traversing menopause, in order to determine the association between metabolic syndrome (MS) exposure and cognitive function evolution. Read more

The Gap or Timing Hypothesis for Venous Thrombotic or Thromboembolic Risk
This paper is a collaboration between the Early vs Late Interventions Trial (ELITE) investigators, and the manufacturers of a commercially available, FDA approved, oral estradiol and progesterone combination preparation. Read more

Endogenous progesterone levels and breast cancer risk: comparing opinions on "Association of Circulating Progesterone With Breast Cancer Risk Among Postmenopausal Women". by Trabert et al.
Is there a relationship between endogenous progesterone and postmenopausal breast cancer risk? Read more

Use of breast cancer endocrine therapies for the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease?
In this study, Branigan and colleagues assessed whether the use of endocrine therapy (tamoxifen, raloxifene, aromatase inhibitors (AI)) among breast cancer patients was associated with risk of neurodegenerative diseases Read more

Endogenous testosterone levels are associated with risk of type 2 diabetes in women without established comorbidity
The belief that having high testosterone is bad for cardiometabolic health is entrenched in medical training. This has been explored again by Rasmussen and colleagues in their recent paper published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society Read more

Dietary magnesium and incident heart failure in the WHI study
This publication from the WHI project was based on data from the observational study cohort and the control arm of the hormone therapy clinical trial. Read more

Is there a relationship between menopause, use of HRT and onset hand osteoarthritis?
Burkard and colleagues investigate the influence of onset of menopause and of HRT use on the incidence of hand osteoarthritis (hOA), one of the most common forms of arthritis. Read more