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Welcome to the June 2020 issue of Climacteric. I hope this issue will provide you with much stimulating reading during this time of shut down and social distancing. Read more

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Excitatory and inhibitory neuromuscular mechanisms are modulated in perimenopausal women
In order to elucidate several neuromuscular mechanisms, and investigate cortical inhibition and peripheral muscle twitch force potentiation in women during the perimenopause Read more

Vasomotor menopausal symptoms and cardiovascular disease risk
Zhu D et al. pooled individual-level data from 23,365 women of six prospective studies which contributed to the InterLACE consortium. Women who experienced cardiovascular disease (CVD) events before baseline were excluded. Read more

Predicted reproductive longevity and women’s facial attractiveness
Who would think of such a crazy idea to design a study on possible association between beauty and reproductive longevity? Well, it appears that researchers from Wrocław, Poland did it and now published their interesting findings. Read more